Download Section (PatchText-exefs_patches)

Pokèmon ⬇️

❗️Pokèmon Sword PatchText (1.0.0)❗️

Splatoon 2 + Various Special Demos (not all) ⬇️

❗️Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.0.0)❗️

❗️Splatoon 2 GlobalTestFire Hidden Menu (1.0.0)❗️

❗️Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.0.1)❗️

❗️Splatoon 2 PatchText (4.8.0)❗️

❗️SplatFest World Premiere (1.0.0)❗️

❗Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.1.0)❗

❗Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.2.1)❗

❗Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.2.2)❗

❗Splatoon 2 PatchText (5.3.0)❗

❕Splatoon 2 Patchtext (NOBAN) (4.8.0)❕

❕Splatoon 2 PatchText (NOBAN) (5.0.0)❕


NOBAN dosen’t mean that you can’t be banned if you use these patches, as you can be banned for more stuff. These mods aren’t mods that you can only view, not the other players.

Download Section (Texture-Replacement-romfs)

On GameBanana really updated and really helpful


Useful patchtext to use with 3096’s IPSwitch

If you are on a version above 5.0.0 update to 5.0.0 , 5.0.1 , 5.1.0 or the lastest 5.2.0

You need to create a folder inside /switch/ipswitch with the above name of the games where you want to apply these mods. (Just copy and paste the name above to the new folder)

Splatoon2 –> Splatoon2

Splatoon2 Global Testfire –> Testfire-SENKOU-SHISHAKAI

Pokèmon Sword –> Pokèmon Sword

Splatoon2 Splatfest World Premiere –> Splatfest-World-Premiere-ZENYASAI


I don’t take any responsibility for any ban or damage that these stuff can cause to you or your console!

The licenses are the one from the creators!

I don’t take any responsibility for the wrong use of this stuff!



X: is there any guide to follow?

Y: yes, at CrustyGuide

X: how can I install the PatchText?

Y: follow the Guide here

X: how can I install the texture replacement mod (romfs)

Y: just place all of the files from the downloaded folder to /atmosphere/contents/TitleIDofthegame/romfs/

X: can I get banned?

Y: use them offline for your safety, just disable them before you go online (if you aren’t banned)

X: why there’s not a PatchText for … game?

Y: simply because there aren’t patches for all games

X: where can I find other TextureMods (romfs)?

Y: here just click on the search bar and search the game that you want

X: I don’t have the right version of the game that support these PatchText, what can I do?

Y: Try to report it to the Issue Tab, I’ll try to help you

X: Can IPSwitch works on SX OS?

Y: Yes, I made a fork of IPSwitch (originally made for ReiNX) you can download it here the project is available here

X: What’s the best CFW to use these patches?

Y: I’ll suggest you to download Atmosphère


This project wouldn’t possible without the contribution of (in no particular order):











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